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The Fullness of Love calls out to a world in need of grace, and promotes a love forward inclusive future. Todd declares a mandate stating, "It's time to know deeper, not more," as true freedom is found in unknowing mysteries. Unfiltered by "Churchianity," steeped in a history of racism and religious nationalism, ancient texts are revolutionary to hearers today.  Life after death is examined, western belief is deconstructed, and a contemplative, enlightened, and experiential spirituality is explored, drawing from a rich pool of orthodoxy, in this provocative debut from Wipf & Stock Publishers.

Available wherever books are sold.
Have you run screaming from organized religion, yet still see a deep spiritual connection? Are you curious about life after death?

Experience stunning ambient contemplative music inspired by The Fullness of Love, from Echoes Blue Music.


A global collaboration of music artists featuring

salt of the sound

eliza king

rising violet

dear gravity

anita tatlow

be still the earth

eric todd


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A seventh-generation entrepreneur, Eric Todd remained true to his DNA as an author, music artist, social entrepreneur and leadership coach. For the last twenty years, he's had the honor...READ MORE

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